Jeffers' MiniFarm

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Our Funny Minifarm!

We are using our 2.5 acres to create our dream mini homestead!


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We don't breed pigs at this time as we don't have the proper facilities.  We do, however, buy a pair of weaner piglets each year, raise them up to market weight, and butcher them when the weather is nice and cool.  We hang our meat in an extra refrigerator.  We cure and smoke our own bacon and hams, grind and season our own sausage.  Last year we did Yorkshire pigs, this year we tried Hampshires.  We were most impressed with the Hampshires although it could be that we got better at the whole process this year.  Our pigs eat a pig ration from the feed store along with tons of whey from making cheese, and any scrap from our household.  We have found that raising pigs for meat is an excellent use of farm space and cash, they convert a few hundred dollars of food into at least a quadruple value in meat.  I LOVE PORK!!


Pictured below:  Last years' Hampshire Gilts, about a month before butcher day


We keep a small flock of laying hens for our home eggs.  Our future goals include a couple hundred laying hens for sale egg production.  We prefer pastured eggs with the rich orange yolks and superb flavor.  We use moveable pens to produce this yummy egg.

 We also raise a few hundred Rock x Cornish birds for our meat use.  While this endeaver is not as profitable as pork production, we love chicken.  We don't want hormones and antibiotics in our meat, so we raise our own.   Our method is to brood the chicks indoors for about 2 weeks until they feather nicely, then we begin to pasture them in chicken tractors.  The pasture chicken produces a firmer and slightly darker meat with alot more flavor embodied throughout the bird than the very soft product in the grocery store.  We begin butchering at 5 weeks for the super tender smaller birds.  We then butcher about 15 every weekend for the next 4 weeks.  Each week the meat gets a bit firmer and more flavorful as the birds continue to forage on pasture.

Pictured below: Rock x Cornish meat birds at 4 weeks old



We love and raise Boxers!  We have 4 females.  All our dogs are AKC registered.  They are our housepets.  This year, we kept 2 of Lola's puppies, so now we have 4 beautiful females that are breedable and 1 'retired' couch potato!.  We also found a terrific stud with a super melo and laid back temperment, and Champion German Bloodlines.